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Why Not?

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

"Because I am not flexible. . .because I have tried it before and not liked it . . .because I am not good at this. . . because I do not have the time . . . because I am not a yogi." I have said all of these and worse: I have believed them in various stages of my own perspective and attempts at yoga. It literally took cold feet in Seattle for me to discover yoga (more about that when you come to class) and it has taken many times since to continue to discover and rediscover yoga styles, traditions of practice, and honoring my own changing body and refining my personal practice. Why do we limit ourselves to getting stuck in beliefs that no longer serve us or that hinder us from exploring new ways, revisiting what we believe about ourselves, and maybe giving someone or something another chance? Ego, fear, perfectionism, judgement, complacency, habits. . .all of them can cloud our sense of adventure and dim the light that burns bright within. Listening to them ultimately leaves us in the cold. I ask you to shake off what keeps you from giving the yoga journey another try- a rather uncharacteristically blunt request from me to you. Whatever your reason NOT to do it

may be, come in for a class and see if something has shifted for you. Show up with an open mind and that sense of human curiosity that can open doors to our greatest adventures on and off the mat. This is not about the ego or your flexibility. It is about you. All are welcome!

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