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Beginnings: A work in progress

This is the time of year when we may have written down our resolutions and if we haven't we may feel like we better come up with something. To me resolutions have an air of absoluteness to them that is at its best motivating and at its worst simply daunting. 'I will exercise." I will eat healthy."I will spend less time on social media." " I will find time for self-care." At the end the response to whether we succeeded in our resolve becomes binary: I did or I did not achieve my resolution. What if we replace our resolutions with intentions? "I intend to foster wellness through exercise." "I intend to nourish my body with healthy foods and better eating habits." I intend to connect more in-person than through social media." " I intend to find ways to incorporate self-care into my schedule." What resonates for me here is that intentions give us room for growth, exploration and the realization that the pursuit of our goals is a fluid, dynamic journey. Neither the pursuit nor the results are a black-and-white "I did it or I did not". Instead, intentions allow to set our desires in motion through thoughts, words and actions. Intentions allow for degrees of success, for nuances and for the realization (once again) that the journey is the path and that we are a work in progress. Practice on friends!

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