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Gratitude On and Off the Mat

Thanksgiving and yoga. Maybe that seems like an impossible combination because of all the work that goes into traveling, preparing, gathering and celebrating the holiday. However, I invite you to create space for your practice in the coming weeks. Whether that means taking a moment to tune into mindfulness on your own time or coming to the studio to participate in the classes leading up to and through Thanksgiving weekend. On the mat we find moments of gratitude of a different nature: Appreciation of breath and movement and glimpses of the union of mind, body and breath. Gratitude for bringing all the busy doings to a still-point, where we can show up just as we are and replace doing with being. Being in motion, being still, being authentically oneself. And thus we can take our moments on the mat off the mat and might just see that the glimpses of being, present themselves when are back to doing. Doing all the preparations, the travels, the preparations of gatherings and yet being completely aware, grateful, and at ease because our time on the mat restored us, invigorated our energy and reminded us of finding inner peace amidst all that surrounds us.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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