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Humankind, Horses and Yoga

I have had the great privilege to be part of communities that put a lot of time and effort into understanding their non-human partners, specifically horses. In my own world, I started a adventurous journey in December 2022 after a decade without horses with a wonderful mare, named Rose. And again, it is yoga that shows up on and off the mat as a way to get to know, understand and attune to this new relationship with horse and to build our rapport with each other. Without amazing "horse humans" around me, I am sure I would not be able to support my new horse partner and our journey fully. Much gratitude to all of them (you know who you are!) The greatest personal lesson so far is how much my own energy relates to our human-horse energy together. I find that a morning on the yoga mat alters how grounded and aware I feel what I bring mentally, physically and emotionally to seeing her. Connecting becomes a window into each others worlds and yoga is the bridge to be self-aware, attuned and in touch. For decades, I would have written this blog to merely reflect the impact of a regular practice in my interactions with humans. Experiencing this fundamental shift in relating to a horse after many years without horse but as a practicing yogi, only strengthens my intention to share yoga with humans from the horse-world.

Some of that sharing has already begun with classes and special events a local barns. Stay tuned, friends and practice on!

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