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Intrepid Yogis: Their secrets of making it to yoga class- despite ice, snow and challenges

A few weeks ago, we found ourselves in a winter storm here in Colorado that threatened to close down roads, businesses and general activities outside completely. As the temperatures dropped to minus 25F and more on the plains, I started to wonder if cancelling yoga class would make sense. After all, even the most committed yoga teacher likes to practice with students at the studio, rather than alone. Realizing that the window to cancel had passed, I showed up at the studio prepared to be just by myself. Instead, the yogis filtered in. One by one the room was filled with the chatter and the pulsing energy of music, laughter and our group coming together to practice in the midst of this coldest storm of the season.

I was reminded that over the years a few of my students have shared their secrets to getting out the door and to the studio in what sometimes feels or seems unlikely or even impossible.

Here are some of their tips:

Tip #1 - Leave your mat and your yoga bag in your car at all times

This means you are ready to join a class literally whenever you feel like it. AND it makes for a great reminder for self-care every time you open your car. If you walk or bike to the studio, leave your mat and bag by the door as a reminder on the way out the door.

Tip #2 - Lay out your yoga outfit the night before

This might sound like something you would say to a child but in reality, having your outfit in easy reach and pre-planned can be super helpful to get to those early morning classes or to gather momentum on a slow afternoon or icy evening.

Tip #3 - Play some music

Sometimes listening to a playlist that reminds you of yoga, can be a great motivator to get to a class or bring out the mat at your home. Let music inspire your practice and maybe your ride to the studio as well.

Tip #4 - Connect in your class

While yoga practice can be a solitary experience as you focus on your experience and time on the mat, reach out and introduce yourself to your yoga teacher and a couple of yogis in class. Creating community, creates a sense of showing up for each other and for ourselves.

Tip #5 - Visualize bliss

Use the power of imagination or real experience to visualize the good feelings in and after class and the importance of adding to your mental and physical health through attending class. Sometimes those mental images can help to set the alarm a little earlier, bundle up a little more and get to class despite having a busy day.

In closing, resolutions alone might NOT get us across the threshold into the studio all year long. However, you might notice that these small steps and tips from fellow yogis are the surest way to your next class and your personal bliss. Practice on!

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