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Yoga as Community

This is a note of gratitude. I have had the privilege of offering weekly classes to a group of wonderful yogis for a weekly vinyasa class over the last 15 weeks in Niwot, CO. We started in 90F in a beautiful backyard back in June 2021. The first class session was nearly unbearably hot, and yet these yogis prevailed. Their grit and sense of dedication brought us all on the mat again and again. Yoga outdoors became a new challenge. We encountered insects, uneven ground, heat, lawn mowers, barking dogs and planes flying low. Music played during each class, a carefully prepared list of what I hoped would capture the intention of the class, but I often wondered if it only added to the distractions of the chorus of noises surrounding us. However, the energy of the group continued to grow and with it we embraced our hour on the mat and all that it had to offer. Yoga, outdoors, in the summer, during COVID. In July, our outdoor studio, the beautiful garden, became a familiar refuge from the morning rush, the anxieties and worries and a haven of light, sounds, sights and community for all of us. At the end of August, we gazed at the majestic trees, with their foliage already changing ever so steady, until fall embraced us all with blazing colors over our heads in September. We were visited by a hawk that swooped so low over our heads that it took our breath away in the middle of pranayama exercises! We plunged into the low 40s in early October and yet the yogis showed up. This time with gloves, socks, hats and a tremendous amount of positivity. Warmth permeated the morning chill. Warmth between us as community. The weeks have unfolded and so has our practice together. Now in October, we have become familiar with the soundtrack to our practice;-not the one from the playlist but the soundtrack of nature and life surrounding us as we quiet the mind, steady ourselves and gently yet courageously practice on. No fall from the mat, no strenuous effort in Sun Salutation A has stopped us yet. We have created community through our practice together. We know each others names and faces, see each other balance, reach, stretch and steady ourselves in asana. We have seen glimpses of the union yoga offers as we explore breath, body and mind in our individual and collective yoga journeys. You inspire me, yogis, and for that I am forever grateful. Thank you for sharing your journey with me. Namaste.

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